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HRC provide high speed DATA Connectivity (Intranet) between head office & branch offices of the same company or different companies. It’s a Wide Area Network(WAN) within the metropolitan, nationwide or worldwide locations. Just like Internet, Intranet/Data connectivity can also be established through different media like high quality optical fiber, radio link/wireless, VSAT and IPLC


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GETCO Online Limited

GETCO Online Limited (HRC Technologies Ltd. )  provides High Speed Broadband Internet & DATA Connectivity through Optical Fiber and Radio all over  BANGLADESH  . The company also acquired the license for IP Telephony (IPTSP) and  International Telecommunication Gateway (IGW) service for voice traffic in Bangladesh

HRC Technologies Ltd

In 2009 HRC Technologies Ltd. became a member of GETCO Group of Companies. The name GETCO is well known to the people of Bangladesh as one of the large conglomerates. Joining under the umbrella of GETCO Group, HRC Technologies Ltd. gained a strong up thrust in its growth. It is because GETCO Group has its long experience in telecom technology since 1989. This experience keeps HRC to achieve its goal in a short time. GETCO Group has its diversified businesses in many technologies such as Software Development and Services, Business Process OutsourcingAgro-Based production, TelecommunicationAviation.

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Corporate  Team
GETCO Online Limited (HRC Technologies)

Digital Bangladesh is a new world, a new concept, a new dream. Bangladesh is now resounding with the aim of achieving digital Bangladesh

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Super Fast Internet Makes It All Possible


Our technical support team is available 24x7 x 365 . To provide internet service all over Bangladesh.

Broadband Internet Services

HRC provides high speed Dedicated Broadband Internet & DATA Connectivity  between head office & branch offices of the same company or different companies. It’s a Wide Area Network(WAN) with in Bangladesh.

IP Telephony Services

HRC Technologies Limited introduced IP Telephony Services from 2010. IP Telephony is a form of voice communications in which voice is converted into digital data packets and sent over the Internet using the Internet protocol. The term IP Telephony which is

Domain Registration & Hosting
Domain Registration & Hosting

With GETCO Online esay Hosting, your websites are hosted in an insulated environment with dedicated resources, allowing you to offer your customers a truly reliable, redundant and secure hosting environment that is completetly scalable as

International Gateway(IGW) Services

We shall provide international call termination and origination gateway service both in IP and TDM with CLI. For IP voice traffic we shall provide lease circuit (IPLC) and Public IP network (Internet Bandwidth).

Website Design  & Maintenances

A web site is the most important component of your companys marketing plan and others activities. Its the central hub for your messaging efforts and should have all others marketing materials allocated

Co-location Service
Co-location Service

HRC Co-location services provide you the option to move your essential infrastructure into our purpose-
built Data Center which facilitates you-Dedicated & Shared Rack Space



For each of the service that we provide, we use the top of the line Hardware. For ISP and DATA Service all the Network Equipments are world class. Similarly for IPTSP Service we deployed the world famous soft switch and billing systems. The hardware for IIG and IGW all are from world renowned manufacturers. Thus all the core engines of the systems are highly reliable and dependable. The tools & equipments required for the deployment of service & also for the maintenance/trouble-shooting are also very dependable & professional. We are providing Internet and DATA services all over Bangladesh. We are capable to establish such service to any corner of the country within 24 hours. The media of connectivity may be fiber optic and microwave radio.

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